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The Language of Football

“Learn a new language and transform your professional career in the football industry.”

Debra Ross

Lingua United was created to provide convenient language courses with online pre-recorded courses or private classes for everyone from novices through to fluent speakers working in the football industry.  Language learning becomes more relevant and applicable to your working requirements. This is for Football/Soccer coaches, players, scouts and agents around the world who want to learn English or Spanish.

Learning with Lingua United is for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers to either start from the basics, improve pronunciation or to maintain your level by reading our blog posts, joining our free course or private classes (individual or groups)

Welcome to Lingua United and I look forward to working with you.

The Language of Football

Study With Us


  • Intensive private classes focused on spoken English and active listening. Individuals online or in person.
  • We fully adapt to your needs.
  • Your teachers will be native football coaches.
  • Different offer packages


  • Affordable and easily accessible.
  • At your own speed.
  • Improve your football vocabulary, learn expressions quickly and easily.


  • Intensive courses online or in person.
  • On-site assitance in Spain & United Kingdom.
  • Write to us with your requirements.


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